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Farmers’ Tips: Make a list & check it twice

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Lists are a lifesaver, especially when faced with a plethora of tasks and projects. Whether it’s a to-do list for the week or breaking down a big project into manageable steps, lists help keep you organized and sane.

Gone are the days of only relying on paper lists, as digital formats have become increasingly popular. Apps such as Google Keep allow you to access your lists from your phone or laptop, and even collaborate with others on shared lists.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has also recognized the importance of lists in farming, compiling a series of farm hazard inspection checklists. These checklists cover topics ranging from chemical storage to electrical systems and include items such as proper equipment adjustment and safety precautions.

Before the harvest season begins, it’s crucial to go through a harvesting equipment checklist for each piece of machinery to ensure everything is in working order. This checklist includes questions such as checking for properly adjusted belts and chains, functional safety locks, and properly marked controls.

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The checklist PDF, which has plenty of space for personalized items, includes the following questions:

  • Are all belts and chains properly adjusted and shielded?
  • Are the safety latch, jack stand, and/or other safety locks in working order?
  • Does self-propelled equipment have a fire extinguisher? Have employees been trained to use it?
  • Do all flashers and lights work? Are they clean?
  • Are controls clearly marked? Do gauges work properly?
  • Does each machine have an unfaded SMV emblem?
  • Are warning decals clean and undamaged?

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